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Bitcoin, the name became popular in 2017 when its price was touching the highs. Today everyone knows about Bitcoin. It is also because its price volatility is very high and some countries banned buying and selling it (then it was very much in the news). The first Bitcoin ledger started on 3 January 2009 (Organized by Satoshi Nakamoto). Let’s know some more interesting things about Bitcoin.

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1. Bitcoins are limited:

  • Yes, It is true. Only 21 Million Bitcoins can be mined.
  • As of 8th Dec 2020, There are almost 18.5 million (88%) Bitcoins exist. When new blocks are mined then the number will change. …

She is working in a different domain and was very keen to learn about Blockchain.

A few days ago, I met a girl in the office. She knew that I had been working on the blockchain for a long time. When I started going towards my workspace, she stopped me and said that I have some questions about blockchain, so can you help me with this? My answer was absolutely, you can ask comfortably. She asked me three questions, I share with you.

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  1. What is Blockchain? Explain with an example.
  2. Can I make my career in Blockchain When I don’t know Programming?
  3. What is the future of Blockchain?

When asked, she had a light smile on her face, indicating her eagerness. I will share with you what I have answered. …

Bitcoin node helps for bitcoin development or backend services.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and its price is continuously grown up in 2020. Many developers are looking for a guide to set up a bitcoin node. I heard the word bitcoin first time in 2016 and I have worked on blockchain development for more than the last two years. Bitcoin code is written in C++. We need to compile a code (if you want to do some changes to the code you can do it) then setup the node. So let’s look at the steps with a fresh operating system. I am dividing this article into two parts. …

Some command takes time to execute or we need to run the command continuously so we need to take it on the background.

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There are many packages available to execute the command in the background but the most popular and easy approach is for Screen Command. Let’s understand how it works.


Firstly we have to install the screen package on our machine. In some operating system screen package already installed.

[CENTOS] yum install screen -y

[LINUX] apt-get install screen -y


### We have to open the new screen using the below commandscreen -s <Tag_Name> (Here Tag_Name is for identity it is optional)Example: 
screen -s mysite (With Tag)
screen (without the tag)
## You can do whatever you want and come to the original screen…

Blockchain is the answer to many common problems.

Blockchain is the most popular word, Bitcoin has made it popular. We know about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind works is blockchain. Let’s understand first about the blockchain keyword. Blockchain has made with the two words Block and Chain or we can say it is a chain of blocks. Every block contains the data (more will discuss later) and added after the previous block that makes a chain.

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Blockchain is a public electronic ledger based on a Peer to Peer system that can be accessibly publicly, anyone can see the ledger but no one can change or manipulate the ledger because it’s immutable and bind with cryptographic security. …

We see the concept of a queue in our day-to-day life.

When we go to the reservation counter to book a ticket or bank to deposit the cash, So when we enter the line and we stand at the end of the line, and the person who is at the front of the line is served first. After that, the next person will come at the head of the line and exit from the queue. This process keeps working and finally, we will reach the head of the line and we will exit the query and be served.

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What is a Queue: A queue is a data structure used for storing data (similar Stack). A queue is a line of people or things waiting to be served in sequential order starting at the beginning of the line. …

We use the stack concept in our office work.

A stack is a linear data structure used for storing the data. let’s consider the office work, a developer is working on a long-term project and the manager gives the developer to a new task which is the high priority. So the developer puts the long-term project aside and starts work on the new task. After some time the phone rings and the priority is changed as it must be answered immediately. The developer pushes the present task into the pending tray and answers the phone. …

Backtracking is a form of recursion.

Backtracking is an improvement of the brute force approach. It systematically search for a solution to a problem among all available options. Backtracking can be thought of as a selective tree/graph traversal method. The tree is a way of representing some initial starting position (the root node) and a final goal state (one of the leaves.)

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What is Backtracking: It is use when you have multiple solutions to a given problem and you want all those solution.

This is one of problem solving strategy. By using this we can solve to the problem or write an algorithm. This strategy use brute force approach. …

It is the bone of computer science and a strong bone
will never let you down.

We heard the name of Data Structure & Algorithms in so many times. Let’s understand this with a real example: Suppose we have to go to another city and we have many options like: by bus, by train, by flight, my own vehicle, etc. So we choose the source based on the requirement like what budget we have and what time do we have to arrive. …

Exceptions teach us a new lesson. It will always come because of the lacking of our knowledge.

When we start to learn something new then many problems come but it is not to down your motivation but to teach you with the butter. Here we will discuss the below two questions with What should we do:

  1. What should we do when exceptions/errors come?
  2. What should we do after resolving exceptions/errors?
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  • What should we do when exceptions/errors come?
  1. See Carefully Exception Logs: You must have the practice to see the logs Because that’s the only way to find out the reason. …


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